About Me


  Calgary, Alberta was my home for 7 years. I grew up in Portland, Oregon and came to Calgary to attend college at the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2005 where I graduated with a BFA in Glass in 2009. Currently I am residing in Portland, Oregon where I rent time from various shops around the city and work for various artist’s.
          In my first two years of school I took a range of different courses before engulfing myself in glass. I took sculpture, fibre, print, drawing, video and ceramics. As well as basic mig-welding and woodworking skills.

Artist Statement

The backbone of my work involves the challenges and processes behind the material of hot glass. The stages from drawing to planning to creating in glass. As well as glass starting out as something that is fluid and transforming into a solid substance. Carving the solid substance is one of the therapeutic aspects of what keeps me confident in my art as well as in daily life. These stages are all what I live for in my own art and in other peoples art. Challenge, Process and Therapy are the 3 words to describe the backbone of my work and why I continue to be an artist.